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From beginners to braggers, underwater photographers to fish finders, there’s something for every scuba diver at Dive Wananavu. You will find everything from fish frenzies and amazing coral covered swim-throughs of Sailstone Reef to the awe inspiring soft coral and pelagic schooling tornadoes of fish in the Vatu-I-Ra Passage. Here are a few of our dive sites in the world famous Bligh Water of Fiji to whet your appetite until your next diving adventure.

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Mellow Yellow

One of the crew’s favorite pinnacles, Mellow Yellow is named after the large population of yellow soft coral trees decorating the current facing side. This is one of our guests’ most requested dive sites.  When the current isn’t running the soft coral can be rather, well, limp, but add a little current and this dive is a can’t miss.  Schools of Scalefin and Bi-colored Anthias so thick you can’t see through them.  Recent diver Bob complained,  “I wasn’t able to see the coral through the schools of fish.”  If only every dive destination in the world can have that problem.  But don’t get hung up on looking just at the schooling fish, check the cracks and crevasses for small shrimp, nudibranchs, Scorpionfish and other macro life.


Black Magic Mountain
Since we’ve been talking about pinnacle dives we would be leaving out a classic dive site if we left Black Magic Mountain off our list.  BMM has very healthy coral, and in many other areas of the world some would say fantastic corals but when compared to Mt Mutiny and Mellow Yellow we living in Fiji say its lacking.  What BMM lacks in coral it more than makes up for with it’s abundance of schooling fish.  Black Magic Mountain is home to several huge schools of pelagic fish like Big Eye Jacks, Pickhandle Barri’s, Fusiliers, Anthias as well as several different species of Sharks and Eagle Rays.


Amazing soft corals only found scuba diving Fiji Bligh Water


G6 holds the distinction of being several staff members favorite dive site at Dive Wananavu and with good reason.  Amazing purple soft corals cover the side of this dive site with lots of golden Scalefin Anthias swimming through them make this another beautiful dive site in our Bligh Water.  Often found off in the blue are personal favorites Thread Fin and Big Eyed Jacks, and schooling Barracudas.  Don’t get caught looking for just the big animals on this dive site, as hidden in the reef are several species of Scorpionfish, nudibranchs and we wouldn’t be surprised if one day we find a Pygmy Sea Horse hiding in one of the many fans decorating this large bommie.


Pure Magic

When the currents are running right the Wananavu Dive Boys and this site deliver, well, Pure Magic.  Whether your looking for schools of Fusiliers, White Tip Reefs Sharks, Grey Reef Sharks, Turtles or schools of umpteen other types of fish divers all get a kick out of what they find on this dive site.  Underwater photographers may also find themselves snapping away at the Oriental Sweetlips cleaning station or the dozens of macro critters hidden amongst the reef with the Moray Eels and more.



Scuba divers around Wheatfield dive site, FijiBefore we get to the area known as the Vatu-I-Ra passage we come across another reef system referred to as “Midway Reef.”  One of the more well known dive sites in this region is another pinnacle dive site known as Wheatfield.  Named for the soft corals covering the top of this reef (15ft, 5m) that wave in the current like the wheat fields of Nebraska blowing in the wind.  Scuba divers can expect visibility ranging 80ft+ (24m) and Wheatfield is a great place to find several species of lion fish, and a new recent discovery of resident Ribbon Moray Eels.


Neptune’s Rhapsody

One of our furthest west dive sites in Fiji’s Bligh Water; Neptune’s Rhapsody is a series of coral bommies with schools of Anthias living within soft corals on top of the bommies and many swim-throughs hiding along the bottoms.  This is a great dive sites to find different species of nudibranchs and other invertebrates and also larger animals like White Tip Reef sharks.  For those who like to crawl through cavern like holes surrounded by fans and soft corals during your scuba diving adventure this is your dive site and a reminder that the Bligh Water covers more area than just the Vatu-I-Ra Passage.


Dream Maker

Amazing soft coral diving in Fiji Bligh Water scuba diveFor those with the desire to find more swim-throughs during their scuba holiday and for photographers who like divers framed by large sea fans and coral windows, then look no farther than Dream Maker.  For a special treat swim to the current side of Dream Maker and watch the fish swirl around you as they feed on the nutrients being blown by.  Just don’t forget to look down once and a while to see if the resident White Tip Reef Shark or the Neploean Wrasse comes along to check things out.  Lots of Gorgonian fans decorate the crevasse making for some spectacular wide angle underwater photography.



Golden Dreams

Golden soft corals scuba divers see diving sailstone reef, FijiOn the same reef system as our previous dive site Golden Dreams reminds many divers of Mellow Yellow just on a shallower scale.  The highlight of this dive is the current side rock face with many yellow soft coral trees and the near-by swim-though lined with the same soft corals.  Keep a keen eye or ask your Divemaster to put his eyes in for the the possibility of spotting the large resident Octopus living in the reef to the east of the boat mooring.  Many of our Fiji dive sites in this area have a plethora of swim-thoughs and Golden Dreams is no exception.



E6Famous Fiji dive site E6 pinnacle swirling fish

Dive Wananavu’s furthest out site, and one of Fiji’s best known dive sites.   E6 was aptly named after the amount of E6 Slide film shot when this dive site was first discovered (yeah it was that long ago, remember slide film?)  This amazing pinnacle rises from the depth of the ocean some 3000 ft+ (900m) up to just a few feet (1/2 metre) from the surface and is teaming in hard corals on top, soft corals on the protected sides with reef fish and schools of pelagic fish found where the current rushes past.  This current is what supplies the nutrients that makes E6 and the whole Vatu-I-Ra passage and the Bligh Water so rich with healthy lush corals, but don’t worry there is always somewhere to hide in the current shadow if you get tired of swimming.

In the middle of E6 is a swim through aptly nicknamed Cathedrals.  With huge arches and just as equally big Gorgonian fans decorating the sides and roofs, sun light beams down creating an almost religious diving experience inside before swimming out onto the steep drop into the blue abyss.


(…and more than 30 other dive sites. We just have too many to describe.  We’ve got you covered for your next diving adventure, so come and see for yourself what the Bligh Waters of Fiji hold. Additional fee for Midway Reef and Vatu-i-Ra Reef sites. FJ$50pp)