We have Nitrox! In August of 2013 we installed our Nuvair Voyager IV membrane compressor and are able to offer all guests the option to add Enriched Air (Nitrox) to their scuba diving adventure.  There is no need to worry about pre-ordering your enriched air tanks.  We fill the industry standard of 32% to allow you to extend your bottom time and safety factor, should you choose.

If you have not yet discovered the benefits of nitrox, just ask the dive boys and our staff can help you become a PADI Enriched Air specialty diver so you too can reap the benefits of breathing less nitrogen.  Diving Enriched Air can often allows a diver to spend more time at depth & increase the no-decompression limits due to breathing less nitrogen.  This can allow a diver more time to set up for that perfect photo opportunity or just to enjoy the fun that is scuba diving.

Nitrox compressorPricing

Single Tank of Nitrox32   FJ$26

Nitrox Pass (unlimited tanks of 32% Enriched Air for 5 days)   FJ$200

Not yet Enriched Air certified?  Complete your PADI specialty certification at Dive Wananavu.